PHP Text Editor


This free web note pad written in PHP will allow you to create, edit, manage and search plain text documents stored in a SQLite database.


The script shows a full-screen master/detail interface. The left pane is where you will manage your documents - create new files, search text content or select a file to load into the editor. The buttons above the editor pane will let you save your work, delete a file you no longer need, or navigate through versions of your documents. Every time you save, this web text editor keeps past versions in the database, and you can retrieve these versions for up to 30 days by using the "Older" or "Newer" navigation buttons in the toolbar. If you wish to revert to a previous version and make it current, just save it. Some browsers will let you use keyboard shortcuts for editing - Alt-S will save and Alt-< / Alt-> will navigate back and forward through the document history, respectively.


You can download the latest version of the PHP/SQLite web text editor at the link below. If any problems contact on Twitter @phpsqlitesite.

Download Web Note Pad


Click the button below to open the demo in a new window/tab.


While PHP / SQLite Note Pad is free to use always, if you use it on your web site, a donation of whatever you think it is worth is appreciated.